• The LaAV volunteers are persons of any age, social and economic status, any political or religious conviction. The LaAV volunteers can read, it is the only required competence, and they love the idea of sharing this passion.
  • LaAV volunteers are neither actors nor performers, it is not required to be particularly good or talented in reading, they must simply have the desire to dedicate time to others to share, Aloud, their readings.
  • LaAV volunteers know each other during meetings mediated by the reading itself. LaAV volunteers are contagious. They encourage reading. Being a LaAV volunteer you will read twice.
  • Reading aloud for others amuses, causes emotions, reassures, accompanies, allows to travelling, develops the imagination, helps to "think" the future, stimulates to remember the past, allows to process reference metaphors for the resolution of personal problems, allows to overcome difficult situations related to temporary conditions (sick, elderly people who are not self-sufficient, subjects with various forms of malaise).
  • Reading Aloud facilitates the creation of significant relationships, the reader gains experience of the "power" of a so simple tool and concretely lives the effects of the sharing that reading is able to activate.
  • The LaAV circles are characterized by the desire to read together (sharing a passion) and by the generosity to dedicate time to read for others (service).
  • The LaAV circles often organise events to promote different types of reading: by organising thematic readings within other manifestations, proposing laboratories and reading in schools,  actions of literary guerrilla, through occasional or structured events... every occasion is good to read.
  • The LaAV circles participate in the LaAV National Seminary (autumn of each year) and in the LaAV national day (late spring).
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